Tun Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Tun Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Booth no. : SS07| Country : Thailand

“Our company was founded in 1993 with a strong positioning in Quality and Service. Since then we have become the leader in manufacturing concrete batching plant market in Thailand with more than 70% of market share. We have expanded the market by exporting our products to neighbor countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, ever further to Qatar, Algeria and Sudan. Now we also established the factory in Myanmar in order to cover the growing market in South East Asia.

We have the advantage in production process by controlling the quality of product. We invested in many high technology machines such as Laser machine, CNC Cutting machine, CNC Centering machine, Steel blasting room and Painting room. We perform 100% test run process before delivering every Concrete Batching Plant in order to make a high quality and trustable product.

We provide a one stop service to our customer because we have our own R&D team in Mechanic, Electrical and Software as in house development. Our customer can make sure that we have the solutions that will solve all the customer’s needs.”

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