Key Exhibitor Profiles


Special Cement
Cement Plant
Cement Manufacturing Technology
Cement Transport and Storage


Concrete roofing tiles
Facing concrete
Railroad tie concrete
Porous concrete
Fibre concrete
Self-compacting concrete
High-strength concrete
Ultra high-strength concrete
Polymer concrete

Concrete Technology

Structure Concrete, Architectural Concrete and Pavement Concrete
Concrete Mixing
Transport of Concrete
Casting of Concrete – with special features on hot climate concreting
Testing and Quality Control
Sustainable Concrete Technology / Green Concrete
High Performance Concrete
Smart technologies

Concrete Flooring

Surface protection
Related applications

Construction Equipment & Machinery

Batching plant
Concrete pumps and trucks

Industrialised Building system

Precast Concrete Framing, Panel and box
Formwork system
Prefabricated Steel Framing
Prefabricated Timber Framing
Block work (Masonry blocks and lightweight blocks)

Testing and Quality Control of Concrete

Formwork and Scaffoldings

Climbing / Slip Forms
System Formwork

Precast Concrete

Structural Precast
Architectural Precast
PC Flooring Systems
Building Automation Plant and Equipment
PC Moulds
Curing of PC Elements
Civil Engineering PC such as beams, PC tunnel segments, precast piles
The Big Canopy – Making Worksite Weatherproof
Hollowcore Slabs
Tunnel Linings/Segments
Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)
Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU)
precast Accessories
Dry Mixed Concrete

Sand and Aggregates (Stones)

Architecture Concrete

Arts in concrete
Concrete decor

Underground Construction

Tunnel construction equipment, materials & plant
Microtunnelling and trenchless technologies
Communication, safety and security systems
Pollution control and ventilation equipment and system
Electrical and lighting systems
Consultancy & design services
Waterproof and Fireproof Concrete (Stones)