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Located in the suburb away from the traffic congestion in downtown Bangkok

  • 30 minutes from downtown Bangkok via congest free expressways
  • 45 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International airport via expressways
  • 15 minutes from Don Muang Domestic Airport


  • Within 20 km radius of IMPACT, there are 12 hotels with over 3,000 rooms
  • IMPACT Hotel – Our very own 4-Star hotel with 380 rooms. There is ideally located only 2 minutes from IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center

Car Parking

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center provides convenient indoor and outdoor car park areas.

Parking Area Location Capacity
P#1 IMPACT Challenger 2,000 cars
P#2 IMPACT Forum 2,374 cars
P#4 Behind Hall 7-8 926 cars or 234 buses
P#5 Behind Hall 3-4 623 cars or 145 buses
P#6 Behind Hall 1-2 469 Cars or 104 Buses
Aktiv Square Aktiv Square 750 cars or 150 buses
Lakeside Lakeside 4,475 car or 1,222 buses
Grand Total 11,617 cars or 1,855 buses

Array of Transportation Services

IMPACT is being served by an array of transportation services such as on-call taxis, minibuses, public buses, IMPACT Link, inter-fairground shuttle buses


On-call taxis are available at our various taxi stands and kiosks operated by our staff at IMPACT Challenger 2 and Hall 5

IMPACT Link Shuttle Bus Services

We offer our IMPACT LINK bus shuttle services between Bangkok city and IMPACT. Our fleet of minibuses, donning the distinctive logo of IMPACT serves the 30-minute route between Mo Chit Sky Station and IMPACT, interval daily from 6.00 am to 10 pm.

Public Mini-Bus and Van Services at Ruam-Jai market

Public mini-bus and van services are available to/from IMPACT from the following downtown areas:

Muang Thong – The Mall Ngamwongwan (06.00-21.45)
Muang Thong – Ramkhamheang (06.00-21.30)
Muang Thong – Sanam Luang (05.50-21.00)

Muang Thong – Major Rangsit (07.00-21.00)

IMPACT Link (06.00-21.30)
Vam (05.00-24.00)
Public bus no. 166 (04.20-22.00)
Muang Thong – Lat Lum Kaeo (06.00-19.00)

Muang Thong – Victory Monument (04.20-22.00)

Motorcycle Taxi

The public bus

station is situated at Aktiv Square, opposite IMPACT Arena. Buses services available to/from IMPACT

Bus No. 29, 59, 95 and A/C bus no. 4, 10, 13, 19 (to the North of IMPACT)
Bus No. 29, 52 and A/C bus no. 4, 10, 29 (to south)
Bus No. 59, 95, 150 and A/C bus no. 13 (to east)

Bus No. 33, 90, 367 and 359 (to north)
Bus No. 32, 33, 51, 90, 104, A/C bus no. 56 and special A/C Bus no. 1 (to south)

Bus No. 52, 150, 356 and A/C bus no 150, 356 and 166
Bus No. 166, 166 (blue) Nam Non Quayside-Muang Thong)

Inter-Fairground Shuttle Services

Complimentary inter-fairground shuttle services run every five minutes within IMPACT fairground.